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Value Proposition
About the Forum


Columbia China Forum (CCF) is Columbia’s first undergraduate-led, China-focused Forum.

A platform for constructive dialogue between the United States and China, CCF brings together leading figures in politics, academia, business, and beyond on China-related topics to share their insights and develop personal relationships with brilliant young individuals, to encourage diverse opinions and generate constructive advice on issues of mutual importance, and to chart a path for a prosperous and collaborative future.


Our Values


Building Networks

Expand your personal network or reconnect with 40+ fellow speakers that are industry leaders, world-renowned academic experts, and decision-makers in the public sector via luncheons, tea breaks, gala dinners and other channels during the forum.



Young Audiences

Make a lasting impact on the leaders of the younger generation, including live attendants, most of whom are aspiring Columbia undergraduate students interested in China, and an online audience encompassing diverse and high-quality interest groups from academia, business, politics, and arts via various forums and after-forum discussions. 


Amplifying Your Voices

Leave your mark at Columbia University, a world-class Ivy League institution. Amplify your voice and influence through various channels of the forum, including official press coverage in the US and China, social media campaigns and website, as well as video recordings and broadcasts of our forums in the spring. 

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